French Country Chairs

French country is a rustic, old-world, and comfortable look. The look is very inviting, comfortable and certainly not stuffy. The French Country style of decorating is a warm and casual feel that is both masculine and feminine at the same time. French country invited both natural elements of stone and brick and warm colors such as gold, burnt rust, and cobalt blue.

One of the most important elements in french country style is the use of natural materials. Roughly stained or painted plaster walls is almost an absolute must in achieving this style. Painting your walls an ivory and sponging a darker shade of ivory in glaze will give you the look of plaster. The key is to go over the wall (after the sponging has dried) with a roller in the same glaze will soften the look making it look more realistic. Hefty beamed ceilings will give the look of an old world villa. Today you can buy styrofoam beams which can be painted to look like real wood instead of going to the trouble and cost of the real thing. Natural stone floors also can add to the look of a primitive setting which then can be covered with cotton throw rugs. Architectural elements such as a stone fireplace can be a natural touch in a french country home.

Reproduction rustic furniture with raw or painted wood gives the french appeal. A large dining table in natural wood should have a dull low-sheen finish. Some french country chairs are either have ladderback style, or vertical slats, often finished with rush seating. The beauty of furniture is it can be changed to your style with upholstery or paint. Often times french country furniture is featured in black and grays and distressed to give the effect that it has been passed down through generations. No matter what chair you choose, upholstery can customize it with the colors or pattern you are after which completes your home. Most important when buying a chair, buy a frame and style that you love!

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