French Fauteuil Chairs

French Louis XVI Arm Chair Fauteuil By Antiqua Interiors on ebay

A fauteuil chair is an armchair with open sections under the arms. Fauteuil chairs are not often sold as dining chairs but rather as side chairs. It is especially great if you can find a matching set of fauteuil chairs. A fauteuil chair is typically used as an accent chair in a living room, bedroom, or in an office.

Fauteuil armchairs are made of wood, and often are made of mahogany, walnut and cherry. The backrest and seat are upholstered and the armrest is padded. The backside of the backrest is often framed by an upholstered back. There are many styles of armchairs, some simple and plain, while others ornate with carved wood. Many french chairs are either painted, polished, or gilded with gold leaf or paint. Louis XVI fauteuil chairs feature square seats and back rests, while Louis XV chairs are often seen with rounded edges, and an oval back. Just french fauteuil chairs alone can make your space look polished and richly decorated. Consider buying a fauteuil french chair.

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