French Louis XVI Chairs

Ann Getty House CollectionThe Louis XVI style was all about simplicity, which replaced the exotic and ornate exuberance of the Louis XV style. Between 1760-1789 most furniture lost its extra ornamentation and lines became more architectural and straight.  Oak wood was used for solid-wood pieces during this time period. Walnut, ash and burled walnut were used for seating and chairs. Mahogany and Satinwood became very fashionable both as veneer and it was used in solid pieces. Ebony also came fashionable as it was not used during the Louis XV period. Painted chairs and tables were trimmed in gold or another contrasting color. Gilded wood was used for chairs, console tables and mirror frames.

Picture from Ann Getty House Collection)

Legs and vertical supports appeared turned resembling spindles, quivers, columns and balusters. Bronze fittings were applied to almost all Louis XVI furniture but they were more ornamental than protective. Lines were vertical and horizontal in the Louis XVI style. Flat surfaces and right angles were the popular style with Moldings that appeared thinner and more elegant. Decorative elements are situated toward the top and bottom of furniture panels and include floral sprays hanging from knotted ribbons, or vases and urns containing flowers and greenery, strings of olive and oak leaves, short garlands of flowers and foliage, wreaths of laurel, ivy, and flowers, pinecones and pomegranates. Architectural motifs were used both as supports and as decorative elements. These include fluting, cabled fluting, leaf bud motifs, pilasters, fluted balusters and columns.

Louis xvi

This Portrait of Louis XVI shows a great template of colors from the Dark green background to the use of pastels, such as the pale blue, orange, and cream and silver.  By analyzing the portraits of the past they  can serve as inspiration of gathering together your color palate when deciding on the scheme of your rooms.

Juan Pablo Molyneux Neoclassical Looks

Juan Pablo Molyneux Neoclassical Looks Which feature classic french louis XVI Chairs.  The marble pattern on the flooring and the empire furniture is outstanding.  Combine both styles for a luxurious look.  The faux finish on the walls is outstanding….  or then again, it might be real marble.

Juan Pablo Molyneux  7

Designer Juan Pablo Molyneux, featuring an antique empire desk, with animal print french Louis XVI chairs.  What an outstanding room~

Louis Chair

French Chair Louis XVI From Domino Magazine

Flessas Design

Flessas Design Louis XVI Chair & Louis XVI Settee

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