French Louis XV Dining Chair

19th Early 20th C. Louis XV Style Armchairs Seller 1st Dibs Paris

19th Early 20th C. Louis XV Style Armchairs Seller 1st Dibs Paris

These open back provincial chairs are very easy to find. In fact, in the 1950’s they produced quite a bit of french provincial dining room tables with the Louis XV chair as inspiration. The french designs became popular with several companies around the 1900’s where many small businesses manufactured the look, shipping their pieces around the United States, growing in size and popularity. Again in 1950, the style took off, with provincial dining sets, bedroom sets, and living room sets.   A number of companies made the bedroom provincial sets, ranging from higher end quality wood, to pressed wood with melamine tops.  Thomasville, Drexel are the recommended sets, as they did use higher quality wood, as well as Union Company (on the higher end), as well as John Widdicomb being one of the first to manufacture the look.   Today, if you are hoping to come across one of these chairs, or are looking for a provincial set, they are fairly easy to locate.  The very best thing to come from these 1950’s sets is that they are  reproductions of the Louis Styled furniture.  They are quite affordable to pick up, and upholster or paint to substitute for the antique Louis styles that can be a bit expensive.

You can find french bedroom sets here and here


Antique Louis XV Chairs and A French Provincial Chair Repainted – Photo Credit The Vintage Laundress Blog

This is the typical wood chair that came with many of the french provincial sets.  (The painted blue chair) They can be found very easily and for little money.  They are the perfect chair to paint as you can see with the picture showing the painted blue chair that is slightly distressed.  This chair shows a fantastic paint job.  Often times with this sort of chair you can include two colors, either blue, gray, green or white for the main frame, and gold or white for the edging.

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