How To Accent Any Room With A French Chair

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A French chair is a type of armchair that shares French design sensibilities, but it was originally made in England. While this chair comes in many different designs, it is usually used for one purpose. French chairs are great accent pieces because they look so distinctive. At the same time, you need to know how to use them to properly balance the room. There are a few things you should consider before placing a French chair in any room to make it perfect.


The color of the chair is very important. Most French chairs have two different colors. There is the upholstery color and the trim’s color. Both must be considered before placing this chair in your room. The trim is usually wooden, but there are a number of modern French chairs that have a metal trim. You can choose either a neutral wooden color to bring more attention to the upholstery, or you can use a daring paint or metallic color to make the trim the center of attention. Both ways work fine, but you need to find a balance.

The upholstery is very dynamic because you can easily change it. You can choose a solid color, a pattern and dozens of other options. The color should somehow go with the room. It can either match the color of the walls, or it can contrast it to make the chair more distinct and dramatic.

If you want the chair to really stand out, then use contrasting upholstery with a dynamic trim color. If you want the chair to fit into the room without taking it over, then choose colors that are neutral or soft.


If you currently have the French chair, then you really can’t choose the size. If you don’t, then you should take this into consideration. The size of the chair is very important because it will determine how much presence the chair has in the room. A larger chair is obviously more commanding, but a smaller chair can also command a lot of attention with the right color choices.

You also need to consider the size of the room. If the room is small, then it may not be appropriate to put a larger French chair in there. At the same time, you can place a large chair in a small room if you want it to be the main piece.

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Build a Theme

Building a theme is one of the best ways to use a French chair. Even modern versions of these chairs tend to look like antiques, and French antiques tend to work very well when paired with these chairs. While you don’t necessarily need to change everything about the room to make the French chair fit, you should consider building a theme so that it organically fits within the design.

You can also designate one section of the room as a sitting area. You can create a theme within that one section, and the chair will easily pull everything together. You can place a few items in this section that will instantly make the chair look like it belongs in the room.

Pair Chairs Together

This may not work if you only have one French chair, but pairing one chair with others will make the chairs look more inviting. Not only that, but it will improve their accenting power. If you have more than two French chairs, then you should consider getting a small table to place in the middle of them. This will improve the design, and it will also allow people to use the table for eating or playing cards.


French chairs look absolutely amazing. They have a beautiful design aesthetic that makes them look instantly antique, and they can be visually striking due to their wonderful curves and distinct appearance. Using a French chair to accent a room is actually very easy, and you typically don’t need to do much work to incorporate it. Just consider the color and size of the chair, and also put some thought into how you can use the chair to enhance the room.

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