French Folding Chairs – Wooden Vs Metal

French Style Painted Folding Chair, 19th-C. French Folding Chair From One Kings Lane

Folding chairs can be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you own. They store easily, are relatively cheap, and can be placed nearly anywhere. Whether you need to bring them out for a large party you are having or take them somewhere, they are right at your fingertips. The only question is whether to invest in wooden or metal folding chairs. While they are both equal in terms of function, there are some differences to be aware of.


You will want to pick out chairs that last a long time so that you don’t have to replace them constantly. While both can last a long time, metal folding chairs tend to stick around longer. This is because people overlook the dings and dents that they get over time. The wear and tear on the wooden folding chairs is more visible. However, if the wooden chairs are taken care of and stored properly, they can last just as long as their metal counterparts.


Generally, basic metal folding chairs are the cheapest. They can get more expensive if they are padded or colored, but they are usually less expensive than the wooden folding chairs. However, if you shop around or shop in bulk, they can be about the same price. This all depends on what types of features you want the chairs to have.


Nearly all consumers will agree that the wooden folding chairs are far more appealing to the eye then metal folding chairs. They do not rust. They have a quality about them that makes them rustic furniture with comfort. They never look cheap or out of place. If you invest in wooden folding chairs, you can use them in your home without feeling like they are “back up” chairs or ones only to be brought out in cases of emergency. You can be proud of them instead of hiding them in the closet or basement.


Generally, wooden folding chairs are more comfortable than metal folding chairs. They offer a bit more support without being too rough on the bones and joints. There is a slight give in the material so that it conforms to your unique body. While it will certainly not be as comfortable or supportive as a lounge chair, your guests can sit comfortably for an entire evening in the wooden folding chairs. If you invest in good rustic furniture, you do not have to feel guilty making people sit in them when they come to visit your home.

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