Baroque French Louis XV Chairs

tony duquette

Tony Duquette Classic Baroque Interiors

Peter M. Trapolin Interior Design by Alexa Hampton

Louis XV Chairs Peter M. Trapolin Interior Design by Alexa Hampton

The Baroque style developed in the 1620s which appeared very ornate, with heavy carving, and extended into the 17th century. Toward the end of the 17th century, baroque furniture tended to become simpler and the use of ornament was somewhat refined and simpler. There are varied styles of baroque as the elements of the french styles gradually work their way down from excessively ornate to simpler looks. Common Baroque chairs were found highly ornate, with velvet, silks, and needlework were the common fabrics, held together with leather and nails. They often were bulky and richly ornate with detail in the wood carving. I couldn’t even imagine how long one chair would take in hours to produce.

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