French Chair Upholstery- Simple Fabrics Are Beautiful

French Chairs- Striped Upholstery Images via Atlanta Homes and
  Interior design Betty Burgess

Interior designer Paige Schnell Traditional Home September 2013
Interior designer Paige Schnell Traditional Home September 2013 Photography by Colleen Duffley


John Richard Collection - Butterfly Accent Chair With Exposed Wooden Frame- furniturelandsouth on ebay John Richard Collection - Butterfly Accent Chair With Exposed Wooden Frame- furniturelandsouth on ebay 2

John Richard Collection - Butterfly Accent Chair With Exposed Wooden Frame- furniturelandsouth on ebay


HICKORY WHITE - Maison Dark Finish Oval Dining Table

furniturelandsouth on ebay

The Best Furniture From SafaviehStratton Linen Side Chairs with Nail Head, Beige, Set of 2 $413 On Amazon

The Best Furniture From SafaviehSafavieh Ashton Carved Side Chairs - Set of 2 $436 On Amazon

The Best Furniture From Safavieh

Safavieh Hudson Collection Johnny Linen Side Chair, Beige, Set of 2 $479 on Amazon

John Richard Collection- Sevigne Three Drawer Writing Table 1K

John Richard Collection- Sevigne Three Drawer Writing Table

furniturelandsouth on ebay

John Richard Collection, French Empire Antiqued White Malmaison Table John Richard Collection, French Empire Antiqued White Malmaison Table  2

John Richard Collection, French Empire Antiqued White Malmaison Table

furniturelandsouth on ebay

The Best Furniture From Safavieh

The Best Furniture From Safavieh

Remiremont Antique White Upholstered Bench $76 on Amazon

The Best Furniture From Safavieh

Cherry Wood Side Chair, Set of 2, Cream $479 On Amazon

Dining-Room-ChairsSafavieh Mercer Collection Heather Linen Nailhead Dining Chair, Set of 2- $346 on Amazon

Safavieh Mercer Collection Stella Velvet Side Chair $305 Amazon

Featured above is the Ivory and Taupe chair sold for $270 Amazon

The Best Furniture From Safavieh

Becca Side Chair Finish: Upholstery: Leather- Clay with Nickel Nailheads $261 On Amazon

Alexia Contemporary Fabric Dining Chair $246 On Amazon

The Best Furniture From SafaviehAndrew Carved Oak Side Chairs, Set of 2 $514 On Amazon

The Best Furniture From SafaviehNara Side Chair (Set of 2) $494 on Amazon

The Best Furniture From Safavieh

Safavieh Mercer Collection Randy Linen Bench $343 On Amazon

Safavieh Mercer Collection Danni Side Chair with Nail Head, Beige and Antiqued Oak

Safavieh Mercer Collection Danni Side Chair with Nail Head, Beige and Antiqued Oak

$417 On Amazon


Hightland House Distressed Black Open Display Table,$549

furniturelandsouth on ebay

Fabric Choices For Your French Chairs

Pair of French Directoire Style Armchairs Greenwich Living

French chairs can be dressed up so many ways.  When it comes to upholstered furniture, nothing is more important than the type of fabric that you choose for your furniture. Fabric can provide an immediate indication of quality and taste, and can be a direct statement about a home and its owners.

When considering what kind of fabric to select, a few questions must be asked.

1. What type of furniture piece is being covered? Is it an accent chair, or a chair that will be used every day?

2. Is a pattern appropriate? Would a pattern overwhelm the room, or is it needed to bring interest into the room?

3. Is the overall scheme warm or cool? Blue, purples, and greens can present a cool tone, where as browns, beige, yellows can warm up a room.

4. Is durability and stain resistance important? Homes with small children, and pets may want to consider patterned fabrics, or fabrics with darker colored tones, which will hide the dirt and wear on the furniture between cleanings.

Here are just a few fabrics that are commonly used when upholstering French chairs.


Twill is a durable fabric with a diagonal grain produced by weft yarns passing over one or  more warp threads, then under two or more warp yarns.  Herringbone, denim, and gabardine are woven in this manner.

Warp is a set of fixed yarns that run in length of the loom.  Interfacing or weft amd warp yarns that alternate each row produces a fabric.


Jacquard is a fabric woven on a Jacquard loom that uses perforated cards to create intricate patterns.  Damasks, tapestries and brocades are woven this way.


Corduroy is a heavy cotton or synthetic fabric with evenly spaced ridges or wales running the length of the fabric


Gingham is a cotton or synthetic printed in one color on white creating a check.


Linen is a strong yarn produced from flax that can be woven into fabric.  Slubs, which are woven fibers are inherent in the yarn, but they are not flaws.  For all linens beauty, it lacks elasticity which results in wrinkles.  It is wide to have it backed before using it as upholstery.  Linen is blended with cotton.

Image: Belle Maison

Edita by Walter Pfeiffer

Romo Simonii Fabric

NUMERO TOKYO Charlotte Free by Eric Guillemain. Akari Endo-Gaut, May 2012,

Carolyn Quartermaine | Trouvais

Pink French Chair- ZsaZsa Bellagio: French Flea Market

Marie Antoinette French Antiques

Easingwold Bathrooms & Interiors

Pair of French Louis XVI Style Painted Foot Stools Greenwich Living

Lily Bunn, a designer from New York City

Here see see a lavender covered antique French chair with the other blocky, geometric pieces of
furniture. Notice how the chair becomes a true focal point, yet the space remains soothing?

Herve Pierre

One Kings Lane - Mary McDonald

Melissa Miles Rufty

Manuel Canovas

Hollywood Regency Chairs in Yellow

One Kings Lane - Children of Shelters

Annie Brahler’s French Home

House Beautiful showcased Annie Brahler's home bathed in white with absolutely drop dead gorgeous French antiques. Antique gilt wood mirrors line the stairway, and are grouped together to make a statement.

1. Like Annie Brahler did, consider layering two mirrors that are like one another together above a fireplace, or on the wall behind a sideboard.

2. It has been fashionable to paint mirrors white, although the original giltwood often looks quite rich. 17th and 18 century gilt wood was fashionable, and stately. Gold is still rich today when paired with muted tones such as gray and beige. Gold is also the perfect accessory for bold colors such as Kelly green, and lemon. Gold is the perfect accessory in any interior.

3. A gilt wood mirror in the kitchen or bathroom automatically dresses things up. Consider putting gilt mirrors anywhere that you need a punch of design.

4. Mirrors open the room up, like nothing else. The perfect way of adding light into a dark painted room is to add lots of mirrors and fresh vibrant oil paintings.

A French parlor's daybed sits in the living room with a gilt table with a white marble top used as a coffee table. On a mantel two gilt wood mirrors and an over sized empire chandelier are paired together to make a big impact. A massive empty picture frame, propped against the mirror, along with antlers her children collected on hikes. Glass domes shelter antique taxidermy.

Here she grouped linen-covered Belgian bergères and a Louis XVI side table with a 19th-century French gilt settee and Dutch footstools. A gilt neoclassical mirror hangs above a mantle with white washed antlers. A Belgian crystal chandelier and sconces sparkle against walls. A beautiful magnolia flower sits on Annie Brahler's coffee table adding to the white palette that her house is based around.

See more of Annie Brahler's home in House Beautiful.

4 Reasons To Invest In Slipcovers

The popularity of slipcovers has been ever increasing, as decorators and homeowners realize the possibilities that slipcovers offer. They are not only decorative, but practical. At one time, slipcovers served the means of protecting upholstered furniture from the dust of summer months, although they have evolved over the years, from just large sheets which covered furniture, to be tailored to fit the shape of sofas and chairs, even having decorative pleating, ruffles and embroidery, which have been used for furnishing rooms for all-year-round use.

Why To Slipcover Your Furniture:

1. Get The Look Of A Set For Less

Buying an entire set of furniture which matches is next to impossible. Although with slipcovers, fabric can unite several pieces of miss-matched pieces of furniture with ease. Consider painting the frames of the furniture, and have them slip-covered in the same material. Several ebay sellers offer bolts of fabric, which can be shipped to your home without having to drive from store to store.

2.  Maintain Expensive Furniture With Slipcovers

Antique sofas and armchairs can be quite expensive.  If you have a set you want to maintain, consider investing extra money in slipcovers.  Cats tend to scratch furniture, which can destroy the upholstery of a special piece.  In addition dogs which are allowed to roam outside will bring the dirt indoors and on to the furniture, which can soil a nice sofa overtime.  Slipcovers give you the opportunity to wash the fabric, and maintain it's good looks.

3.  Slipcovers Can Conceal Badly Worn Fabrics Or Ugly Lines.

We all have that ugly chair or sofa that looks dated in our homes.   We have all been to an estate sale where a sofa is priced right, yet we toss and turn over the purchase because the cost of upholstery is 5 times as much as the price of the sofa itself.  Then there is that sofa that has beautiful feet, yet the overall fabric looks worn and outdated.  What do you do that makes sense?  For a piece that could function well in the home, but isn't worth spending the money in upholstery, creating a slipcover may work best.

4.  Slipcovers Offer You Change For Less

Wouldn't it be great to change up an entire room in the winter and summer?  Slipcovers make that possible.  Linen looks crisp in the summer, while in the winter, wool might lend more of a comfort through those cold evenings.  Winter slip covers can be made of thicker materials, and offer that extra warmth through those cold nights.  Lighter materials can be made for the summer, which offer a pleasant coolness and crispness which is welcome during hot days.

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Darcy Chair With Oyster Linen Slip

Linen Slipcovers From Country Living Magazine

 Antique Daybed, – Kay O’Toole Antiques

Embroidered monogramed chair slipcover designed by Betty Burgess

Michelle Fritz is the talented seamstress from the blog Make. Her work was featured in Country Home February 2006,- Scanned in & Photo Credit- Heirloom Philosophy Blog

Seamstress Blogger Michelle Fritz- Heirloom Philosophy Blog

French Chairs From Full Bloom Cottage Blog

Full Bloom Cottage on Etsy

The chair slips are actually two pieces, one piece covers the back and
one covers the seat.  There is a down cushion inserted into the bottom
slip to make the chairs look and feel softer.   Ties run down the back
of the slips.  The skirts are double pleated for extra frill.   The
checked linen is Chelsea Editions -

Joni Webb's Library French Chair With Slipcover

Joni Webb's French Chair Slipcovers-

French Chairs From Full Bloom Cottage Blog

French Chairs From Full Bloom Cottage Blog

French Chairs From Full Bloom Cottage Blog

Slipcovers made from  French Linen by Anita -Cedar Hill Ranch Blog

Lavender & white slipcovered chair-

Slipcovers made from  French Linen by Anita -Cedar Hill Ranch Blog

French chaise with a custom slipcover and white piping-


French Dining Room Chairs With Slipcovered Seats and Backs -

French Folding Chairs – Wooden Vs Metal

French Style Painted Folding Chair, 19th-C. French Folding Chair From One Kings Lane

Folding chairs can be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you own. They store easily, are relatively cheap, and can be placed nearly anywhere. Whether you need to bring them out for a large party you are having or take them somewhere, they are right at your fingertips. The only question is whether to invest in wooden or metal folding chairs. While they are both equal in terms of function, there are some differences to be aware of.


You will want to pick out chairs that last a long time so that you don't have to replace them constantly. While both can last a long time, metal folding chairs tend to stick around longer. This is because people overlook the dings and dents that they get over time. The wear and tear on the wooden folding chairs is more visible. However, if the wooden chairs are taken care of and stored properly, they can last just as long as their metal counterparts.


Generally, basic metal folding chairs are the cheapest. They can get more expensive if they are padded or colored, but they are usually less expensive than the wooden folding chairs. However, if you shop around or shop in bulk, they can be about the same price. This all depends on what types of features you want the chairs to have.


Nearly all consumers will agree that the wooden folding chairs are far more appealing to the eye then metal folding chairs. They do not rust. They have a quality about them that makes them rustic furniture with comfort. They never look cheap or out of place. If you invest in wooden folding chairs, you can use them in your home without feeling like they are "back up" chairs or ones only to be brought out in cases of emergency. You can be proud of them instead of hiding them in the closet or basement.


Generally, wooden folding chairs are more comfortable than metal folding chairs. They offer a bit more support without being too rough on the bones and joints. There is a slight give in the material so that it conforms to your unique body. While it will certainly not be as comfortable or supportive as a lounge chair, your guests can sit comfortably for an entire evening in the wooden folding chairs. If you invest in good rustic furniture, you do not have to feel guilty making people sit in them when they come to visit your home.

About the Author:

Michelle Custodio is a writer and SEO specialist for JHE’s Log Furniture Place, which provides highest quality rustic furniture, rustic decor and log beds.  Like JHE’s Log Furniture Place Facebook‘s page and follow them on Twitter.

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